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Back pain has been a major source of discomfort and pain for many, irrespective of age or gender. Incorrect posture or previous injury is among the few significant reasons for this issue. To tackle such situations, yoga is chosen as there are several benefits of yoga for back pain. It includes exercises and poses that help in strengthening your core muscles, increasing blood circulation and making your body and mind stronger, well connected. Yoga helps in stretching and relaxing the back muscles, while also assisting in dealing with the pain better. Let’s go through a few simple yoga pose for upper back pain and how to practice them even at the comfort of your homes.

4 Yoga Pose for Upper Back Pain

Downward-facing dog pose

Downward-facing dog pose

It would help if you started by getting down on all fours. Then raise your hips upwards and face your head towards your abdomen. Stretch your back out and make sure your spine is straight. Maintain this position for up to a minute at the most. This posture will help in strengthening your upper back muscles, hamstrings and arm muscles.

Cat-Cow Pose

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This is a combination of two separate poses. It helps in loosening the muscles of the upper back. To start with, you need to assume the tabletop position on your hands and knees. Your shoulders should be perpendicular to your wrists and hips to your knees. Take a deep breath in a while tilting your tailbone upwards and lowering your belly downwards. You should squeeze your shoulders together and stretch your neck. This is the cow pose.
After this, exhale while tucking your tailbone under. Make an arch with your back by rounding it upwards. Tuck your chin to your chest and look at your belly. This is the cat pose. Repeat both of these consecutively, at least five times. This pose makes your body flexible and agile.

Child’s Pose with Side Stretch

Child’s Pose with Side Stretch

This pose requires you to be in a tabletop position, on your hands and knees. Touch your both toes together while keeping the knees wide apart. Lower your hips down on your legs and stretch the arms forward, lowering your chest to the floor. Then stretch your arms to the right and turn your hips towards the left until you’re stretched. Wait for 8 seconds and switch sides. This pose relaxes the muscles between the ribs.

Puppy Pose

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This pose focuses on releasing the tightness in your chest, upper back and shoulders. It’s more beneficial if you practice regularly. You can start by getting down on all fours. Then slowly move your hands forward to the top of the mat, while lowering the chest to the floor. Make sure your hips remain perpendicular to your knees while doing so. Then bring your forehead to rest on the floor. Now you have to close your eyes and take deep breaths for as long as you like. 

Practising these easy yoga poses for upper back pain is sure to give you excellent results in just a few weeks. Just make sure to practice them regularly.

Thanks for reading yoga pose for upper back pain. You should start practicing the poses regularly.

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