best yoga mat for sweaty hands

Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands

best yoga mat for sweaty hands

Yoga is the up and coming solution for many of our problems these days, be it a healthy body or a healthy mind. Anyways a lot of time and money goes trying to find the perfect yoga class with the best teacher, we often don’t pay much attention to the props we need while practising it, like yoga mats.

Like any other form of exercise, yoga could also result in increasing heart rate, sweating body and difficulty in breathing, primarily if you practice faster-paced ones like vinyasa. Sweaty arms and feet can be incredibly annoying since you end up focusing on adjusting your arms and feet instead of the exercise itself. 

Purchasing a non-slip yoga mat is the best decision you can make to avoid such inconvenience. As the name suggests, this mat will prevent your arms from moving of its own accord as you sweat. It will also save you from the injuries that can be caused due to poor alignment of your body while practising the various poses. The yoga positions can be held for a longer time and the transition between each will be smoother. You will also be more confident to try out challenging poses since you are not worried anymore about slipping and falling. The best yoga mat for sweaty hands will also last much longer than the regular ones, as they are more resistant to sweat and there’s less chance of wear and tear. Many of them can be washed easily with soap and water to maintain hygiene standards.

Let’s check out some of the best yoga mats for sweaty hands that you can purchase for a better and relaxing experience.

Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Brandvilla Anti Skid Yoga Mat

It’s one of the best non-slip yoga mats, especially if you are on a budget. The mat is made of foam, similar on both sides. Its good quality and lightweight, available in various colours to choose from. They also provide a free carry bag along with the mat, for ease of travel. Check out the link below to see for yourself.

Qatalyze Extra Thick 8mm TPE Yoga mat

As its extra-thick, it provides comfortable support to your joints, spine and hips. It’s sweat-resistant and washable. The highlight of this product is it’s durable and made of non-toxic eco-friendly TPE material. They provide a yoga mat as well.

Boldfit Yoga Mat

Suitable for both genders due to its size, it comes with a carry bag and a body alignment system. It’s not too expensive while also proving to be worth its cost.

Curveit Yoga Mat

This mat is made of memory foam, which provides excellent cushioning to your hips, spine and various joints. It has a grip to prevent slipping on the side facing the floor, and soft cushioning on the other.

Strauss Yoga Mat

Idle for someone on a budget, it gives ample support and padding for yoga. Available in various shades, it’s made of textured foam material.


Choosing the right yoga mat is essential especially if you have sweaty hands and feet. The best non-slip yoga mats help in providing the proper support and cushioning for your joints, hip and spine.

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